MSL Consultants Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few of the most commonly asked questions. If you have any questions that are not answered here then please feel free to e-mail customer service and we will respond as quickly as humanly possible!

Q: How do I set up a phone call?

A: Each girl has her own personal toll free telephone number. Review the site and find a girl - then just dial her number!

Q: How do I pay for my phone call?

A: Click here to go to our payments page. We have several payment options available. You can make your choice and follow the instructions. We've made it quite easy!

Q: How will it show up as on my bill?

A: We discreetly bill your Credit Card for payments done over the telephone. Calls show up on your statement as MSL Consultants with no phone number for a curious partner to call back! If you use one of our other payment options the billing will be different - however, all are very discreet.

Q: Do you take international calls?

A: Yes, we take international calls however the only payment method accepted for international calls is through mailing in a prepayment. We do not accept your credit card via the telephone for international calls.

Q: If I want to pay online what do I do?

A: We apologize, but we no longer offer online payment.

Q: What can we talk about?

A: Pretty much anything, but remember that each girl has her own set of limits and taboos. If you want to be sure that the girl you choose will be interested in your desire then simply e-mail her to ask or just give her a quick call. We encourage you to come in to our chat room to ask the girls as well. We never force any of our ladies to do any type of call they don't feel comfortable with.

Q: How much does it cost?

A: Click here to view our rates. We also have a variety of phone sex specials available too!

Q: Can you mail me a bill?

A: Sorry, no we can't bill you or mail a bill to you. But we DO have 3 different payment options available and we are certain that one is appropriate and convenient for you!

Q: Can I mail in a payment?

A: Sure, click here for pre pay instructions. We accept money orders and check as a pre-payment. Once we receive it you can do your call!

Q: Do you offer any specials or discounts?

A: Yep, we offer some awesome specials. We also offer discount rates for pre-payments. Click here to check them out.

Q: Can I talk to 2 or more girls at once?

A: Sure, our rates for 2 girl calls are 3.50/minute. If you would like more ladies each additional lady over 2 will be charged at a rate of 1.25/per additional girl.

Q: Is their a minimum price that I have to pay?

A: Yes, all calls have a 10 minute minimum. If you hang up before 10 you are still charged for the minimum rate. The price is $19.90 for those 10 minutes... or less by choosing one of our online payments where we offer a reduced rate. After the 10 minute minimum you are charged per minute.

Q: Can I tip?

A: Sure, tips are always welcome but our girls do not solicit for them. Just let your babe know you want to tip her and how much, she will thank you for it and take care of it for you. Please note that you can not tip when using the online payment option.

Q: When does my time begin?

A: After we get all your payment information and approve your card. You are not charged for any "hold" time while we are completing your transaction. Please be courteous and do not start with out us!

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