MSL Consultants Rates and Specials

MSL Consultants is happy to provide top notch phone sex fantasies at affordable prices!
Below are a list of our rates.

For more information on our payment options please see our Payments page.


MSL Consultants likes to reward our callers by offering them some great money saving specials.

There are a few general policies we have in place for usage of these specials. The 10 minute minimum we have in place applies to the special offers. Because of the amazing value of these specials only 1 can be used per call and your free minutes must be used during one call. Time can not be saved up or held over. You must mention the special to your operater when she is getting your information. It is too late to process the special after she authorizes your call. We hope you enjoy the extra minutes we give you an opportunity to redeem. Here are a list of our specials:

"Mouth Watering Monday"- Do a 20 minute call (39.80) on Monday and get 10 free!

"Hump Day More Fuck For Your Buck"- Do a 30 minute call ($59.70) on Wednesday and get 20 minutes

"Double Your Fun Friday"- Buy a 15, 20, 25 or 30 minute call and double your minutes (ex. buy 15 mins, get 15 mins free for a 30 min call)

"Sundae Whipped Cream Special"- Mention whipped cream on your call on Sunday and get 5 free minutes!

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