MSL Consultants Pre-Payments

We understand that some of our clientele require a greater degree of confidentiality. For these customers we suggest pre-payment as the best option for calls. Any questions about pre-payments can be directed to Customer Service.

To Pre-pay for time with your favorite girl, please do the following.
Send check or money order only to:

MSL Consultants
POB 90290
Pittsburgh, PA 15224

Include in your payment a piece of paper with your FULL NAME, e-mail address, your date of birth, and amount of time you are purchasing. Upon receipt of your payment you WILL receive an e-mail you to let you know you payment has been accepted. You can now call at your leisure. Pre pay rate is $1.80/minute. 10 Minute minimum still applies ($18.00). For 2 girl calls via pre-payment calls are $3.25/minute 10 minute minimum ($32.50).You will have a full 30 days to use your payment, beyond that time frame we cannot be responsible for the record keeping. Prepayments are sent at your own risk because MSL Consultants is not responsible for items lost in the mail. We do not accept cash payments. Checks may take a few days to clear. Pre-payments sent without your FULL NAME or your date of birth will not be accepted. *New* Our new system allows you to talk to any girl with your prepay. No worrying about if who you sent a payment in for is available.

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