After Hours Services

MSL Consultants has linked up with an after hours service for the times all of our ladies are busy or not available to take your call... or for when you want a little variety from a phone sex service you can trust! We pride ourselves on our business, and we only use or promote service that we truly believe in.

Our after hours services are provided by an affiliate of MSL Consultants. To place a call you must have a credit card and call 1-877-366-WILD (9453). You will hear a recording which explains all the details, charges, and types of girls that are available 24 hours per day.

The billing is safe, discreet, and prompt. Please be patient with the dispatchers because they will be the ones to help you find the perfect girl for your fantasy! The ladies available range in age, race, ethnicity, and there are even some shemales available too! There are no taboos too worry about either!

*Please Note: The after hours service is run separately from the MSL sites and does cost more. The calls are answered by a separate company so any MSL payments will not be honored by the after hours service. You can not speak with the MSL girls when using the after hours service they have their own ladies available to you 24/7.*

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